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C R I T I C A L  R E C E P T I O N

As the Qomrah show’s “Precious” episode was published online (YouTube), it demonstrated the polarized opinions ever present in Saudi Arabia. Although the film had many supporters, the film was also met with numerous comments scrutinizing the film as being an attack on Islam (approx. 400 negative comments/400 positive/ 4.3K likes/2.6K dislikes/117K+ views). It was deemed as “secular” “anti-Islamic” and “revolting” by many for “depicting the Niqab in a negative light”.

Although the film depicts clearly how the couple, (Khaled especially) is influenced negatively by societal pressures, unfortunately, many viewers were incapable of isolating cases of household feuds such as Precious’ that are tied to the use of the Niqab for control, from the greater umbrella of the Niqab, and its various roles in society.

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