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S O C I E T A L  P R E S S U R E S

In order to differentiate the story from other narratives that spoke of the same issue, I decided to examine the root of the conflict in the form of societal pressures of honor and reputation. The more I thought of the story, the more I realized that Khaled is essentially a victim of societal constructs of chauvinism in a patriarchal society himself. I feel that this has not been highlighted before with stories that deal with the issue of domestic abuse. I knew I had to bring this part of the story to the forefront, constantly going back to the hang-out session Khaled has with his friends as they constantly mock and emasculate him for allowing his wife to reveal her face. This is what pushes Khaled off the edge as he desperately wants to fulfill his role as “man of the house” by abusing the power bestowed upon him. Although violence is the extreme version of what happens in cases of domestic abuse, many women have confided that the control started with being asked to wear the Niqab. 

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