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I knew it was challenging to squeeze in a story that spans approximately 25 years into 6 minutes, so I had to break down the story as simply as possible into the major turning points in Precious’ life. I felt that the backdrop of pre-arranged marriage and how it can easily be a recipe for failure can be broken down simply. We witness her basic freedoms as a child, her teenage urges for intimacy, and the downward spiral after marrying a man who takes away her basic freedoms.


Precious’ character is based on many females who’s story I have heard first hand. Although the events that happen to her in the film may seem exaggerated, they are very much real events that have happened to many women during their marriage.

Although a victim herself, Precious’ character is very much flawed by her naivety, a product of her environment who is not equipped with the tools to make the right decisions for her future.


The narrative is constantly moving forward as Precious is being swept along by the forces of nature beyond her control, the authoritative powers that govern her. The opening scene of the film depicts her as a passenger along for the ride in her husbands car, which symbolically sets the tone as we continue to see her being passed along by the narrative’s external forces as the story progresses.

Precious wants to marry in order to have a happy family so she marries the first person to ask for her hand in marriage. Traditionally, many girls wish to leave their parents’ home to be independent, however, the reality of the matter is that with the male-guardianship system intact, she is only being passed on from one household to the next as a dependent with unequal basic rights of freedom.

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